Gospel star Peter Blessing’s manager held a press conference at the Kenya National Theater to express their concern of what has been happening to fellow artists and majorly the arrest of producer Paulo and Peter Blessing.

”It is a shock to the country that a gospel artist has chosen to settle scores with other artistes through the courts. It is an embarrassment to the gospel of Jesus Christ,’ Kennedy liech, the ARTISTE’S manager said.

The manager stated that the arrest of Peter Blessings and later arraignment in court was ill advised however,  his shining star was visible and had started gaining momentum.

”Bahati of EMB has fallen out with several artistes, does it mean that all the artists are the ones always on the wrong? He is the only artist known for taking artistes and producers to cells and later to court. We smell a rat here; this is a ploy to killing peter Blessing’s career in pretence of fighting for rights,’ Kennedy added.

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Kennedy also mentioned that the key guide in the gospel industry is the Bible and loving one another should be unconditional as the Bible dictates.

He also advised that the people in the industry must stay together as the body of Christ lest they will become a laughing stock in the industry.

”we will stand with our brothers in court till justice is served. We stand against injustice to any of us,” the manager concluded.

In attendance were some artists and producers who together are pushing for justice using the hashtag #IStandWithPeterblessing that was started by Jaluo Jeuri.

”Who does Bahati think he is? First he started with Mr. Seed, Rebbeca Soki, David Wonder then Danny Gift who later on left EMB. Obviously its not the artistes who have the problem. Its definitely Bahati. he should have left peter blessing to remain being a watchman instead of bringing him here to suffer!” Said JALUO JEURI.

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Edu Msafii who is a producer stated that Peter Blessings will shine whether Bahati likes it or not since he has seen talent in the boy and if the Lord has planned something no human being can destroy.

”Peter Blessings is a star. The time of the lord is like a Tsunami and when it comes you cant stop it. I relate his woes to that of Joseph since he was also tortured.To Bahati, scripting a whole speech yet you know the truth. You’re lying using a Novel saying its the bible claiming that Peter Blessing went to station alone yet we have witnesses. Talent is like a software when installed in you nobody can hack it.” PRESTON STATED.