The artiste spoke about losing money developing artistes at EMB Records

Bahati relaunched his embattled EMB records this week. While at the event, he spoke to us about various issues in his life.

Bahati at the EMB Records relaunch
The artiste at the EMB Records relaunch

We asked him about his experience running the record label that has endured a lot of controversies this year. He said:

God gave me a very hard task. Supporting artistes is a very hard task. I see people saying things about me on social media saying that I should pay debts…If I had a debt I would be in court. 


He also confided to us that he had spent nearly Shs. 6 million developing artistes at EMB Records, money he says he still has not recovered.

Let the fans understand that music is very expensive. He added that the losses he had encountered trying to build an artiste were not a joke.

Bahati looking fresh in white
Bahati looking fresh in white

He also rued that fact that despite his generous spirit, he was still attacked by some of those artistes:

I have been helping people but most of them when they talk, they look for the negative. They never say thank you but you know ever since they have spoken, maybe if I had spoken God hangemwambia Weezdom one day to speak. you know even me it shocked me, you know he is one of the first people who I took when I was creating the label.

David Wonder and Bahati posing together
David Wonder and Bahati posing together in good times

He also said that he did not respond to some of his former label signees allegations concerning him because he was like a ‘father figure’ to them. He said that ‘dads’ don’t keep grudges towards their sons or daughters and that one day they might apologise.

Bahati, David Wonder and Mr. Seed
Bahati with his EMB signees in happier days

He also spoke about his baby mama, Yvette’s and the infamous tattoo that she got. He took a while before responding but said that he had no comment about it.

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