Bahati and Diana Marua

Benson Thuranira, a Kenyan businessman has come out to expose singer Bahati for conning him over Ksh 200,000.

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Based on Mpesa and bank records in out possession – check them out below – Bahati was given over 300,000 by Benson, who is a neighbour to the controversial gospel artiste.

In addition to the cash, Benson told The Star’s Word Is in an exclusive interview that he has been there for the singer, paid his high electricity and pay TV monthly bills.

“He told me he is in a tight spot nimpatie pesa, alikua amesota hana kakitu. Nimekua nikimlipia mpaka DSTV yake, kuna time stima yake ilikua imekatwa, nikamlipia. Analipangwa, sijui pesa yake anapelekanga wapi, but that guy is broke hana chochote kabisa.”

Benson and Bahati were to start a company by the name EMB Films and Production but the singer took the money and planned the tradition wedding with it.

“Alinicon pesa ndio akaenda akafanya harusi, ananidanganya ni biashara na hakuna biashara hapo. I came to realise alikua anataka pesa akafanye harusi. He wanted five million and when he got the Sh 200,000 akaanza kufanya mipango ya kufanya harusi.”
He added,”Bahati hataki kurudisha pesa, I can say Bahati is a wise conman, mostly, akicon watu hataki kutumia number zake.”

Benson spoke to us and narrated the whole saga.

He adds that if he doesn’t get redress from the law then he will seek justice through “kienyeji” mean.

“Ile kitu ningependa kuambia Bahati ni arudishe pesa zangu na kama hayuko willing kurudisha, kuna jia mingi sana za kurecover hiyo pesa kama sheria, na incase sheria imwondolee mashtaka, nitatumia njia za kienyeji nitarudi nyumbani, niongee na wazee wafanye maneno zao.”

Called for comment Bahati rumbled on and on about how he has not been take to court on the matter saying Benson’s lawyers called him asking for a meeting. He said he has “not time” and thus directed them to his lawyers.

Meanwhile, Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua has committed social media suicide. It is not clear why she has exited the interwebs.

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That said, here are the documents where Bahati was Mpesa amounts as low as Sh2,000 and as high as 50,000. As well as bank withdraws of Sh 100,000 each which Benson claims gave to Bahati as part of their agreement to jump start the business.

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