Bahati and Yvette

Bahati seems to be revealing details to fans through his songs. Well, one of his latest love ballads featuring Tanzania’s Aslay, Bora Nife, has shocked many.

Before meeting his wife Diana Marua, Bahati was dating Yvette Obura. The two have a lovely daughter, Yvanna Mueni Bahati, together.

In his song, Bahati points out how he loved a woman who tore his heart apart.

“Nilimpendaga mwenzangua akaumiza roho yangu tu. kaniwazisha niwe padri nihudumie kanisa tu. Nikaogopa mapenzi tu”

He adds that he bought his baby Mama (Mama Yvanna) a car and she later left him.

“Mama Yvanna, baada ya kumpa gari eti hanitaki.”


Close sources tell us that Baha has never bought any machine for Yvette let alone his current wife Diana.

Are his lyrics based on a true story or is it just ‘Kiki?’

His collabo with Aslay has however raised eyebrows after the Tanzanian singer dumped the song on Youtube and refused to give a damn about it.

Aslay has not promoted the song. Days after their collabo was out, the former Ya Moto band member released a single which he has been promoting.

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The same case happened to Willy Paul who released a collabo with Harmonize. Days after the song was out, the WCB singer released a collabo with his boss Diamond Platnumz, leaving Pozee mataani.

Pozze took to WhatsApp to complain about it.

Willy Paul

Bahati, on the other hand,c has however released a single called  Ching Ching: