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Bahati has been in the news recently and it has not been pleasant for him. He has been attacked for his new show “BeingBahati” and it seems the show is causing him more pain than gain.

In a recent airing his wife Diana shocked audiences when she uttered some things that no man should ever hear. The comment made me think of all the times Diana had disrespected him.

For me, they are things that are signs that the relationship is not going well in the right direction. They are below:

She is the man in the relationship

She disclosed on the show BeingBahati that:

Kwa hii relationship, mimi ndio chali because Bahati changes his clothes like a woman.

The comment while it was said in jest has concerned me. One common ethos what people say about you while they are joking or angry, that is what they really think about you.

Her joke for me is distasteful and utterly appalling. And this tells me what she thinks of her “man”.

Changing her name from Mrs. Bahati to Mr Dee on Instagram

She did this early this year. While many thought all was not well in the relationship, she later came out to point out that her critics were just spreading malicious rumours.

This happened after allegations surfaced that Bahati had demanded a DNA test to be done on baby Heaven to determine her paternity.

While this may be the cover story, I see her changing her name even temporarily as disloyalty of the utmost order. What happened to those marriage vows? Through thick and thin.

While these reasons may seem innocuous, they are for me an indicator of a big issue in the relationship. Maybe the age difference is the cause. Bahati is 6 years younger than her and maybe her behaviour is because she views him “like a boy”. A place no husband should be relegated too by their wife.

My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I’m right. -Ashleigh Brilliant

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