Bahati and Diana Marua
The couple

Bahati and Diana Marua for the first time had an altercation on national TV.

During last weekend’s Being Bahati episode, Diana who had invited her close family members; her two sisters, Bahati’s brother and one of her sister’s husband broke the news that she was planning to travel out of the country.

She said that she was going to Italy for two months to attend a culinary course, which she had been applying for before she even gave birth. She announced:

I’ve told you before that in another world I would like to be a chef. I have gotten the opportunity to go to for a training offer for 2 months in one of the fine dining restaurants in Italy. I feel like this is it for me.

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Her sisters, of course, were excited but Bahati wasn’t.

After dinner, visitors left and it was now Bahati’s turn to reveal his true colours. When they got to the bedroom, Bahati who was pissed off at his wife for keeping secrets from him said,

you are just excited about Italy. let me ask you, why am I your husband? even for me, you surprised me in front of your sisters and my brother? I’ve been with you all day but you did not let me know this?

Diana responded saying;

that’s not the point. the point here is that I got a good offer and after the offer, we will know what next. when I applied we didn’t have a baby.

An argument ensued between the two lovebirds and the Mama hit singer who seemed unhappy told Diana;

okay, you’ve always wanted to do it so you surprise me in front of your sisters? you even called them for dinner for them to eat my food then shock us? You have put us all on one level.

He went ahead to tell of the camera crew who had followed him to his bedroom

and you crew, you are even following me in my bedroom surely all in the name of a reality show?

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The remorseful mother of one attempted to mitigate the damage her surprise had caused. Hoping he would calm down she said,

I didn’t know you’d take it like this babe. I thought it was a surprise.

But the unhappy Bahati simply told her ‘Just go to Italy‘, before the cameras were turned off.

The episode attracted more than 100k views and 50 comments. Some of the comments from the couple’s fans include:

Isaac Kimani Enyewe hapo Diana hakufanya poa….she should have shared with you first juu we ndo first priority kwa life

Bahati and Diana Marua
The couple together

Irene Piesh So are we going to ignore the angry walk bahati did from the door to the bedroom😂😂😂

Caroline Muia Not all good news are surprises … You could have told him first.

Daniel Wabuge That Vince McMahon walk from the living room to the bedroom 🤣🤣🤣🤣 But Diana looks great without those layers of cappuccinos that she applies for makeup.

Sylvia Lutalo Like seriously Diana,you should tell your husband fast…ako na right yaku get mad

Rosemary It’s bad but nimecheka vile Baha anashow wameekwa level moja

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Mother Teresa the crew of reporting Diana is not relocating to Italy, she is just having a training of two months then she will be back in Kenya, for God’s sake Diana and Bahati are married for life

Bitty Wamaitha Si muache kushoot baha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣 mnashoot adi kwa bedroom mnataka kumuua na risasi