Bahati with his daughter, Mueni
With his daughter, Mueni

Bahati is one man who can post an image of himself praying and people will still criticise him. The man who draws out a lot of reactions from Kenyans has done it again.

And it is for something that is debated among some cultures around the world. The musician who used to sing a lot of gospel music in the past(don’t ask me what he sings at the moment) posted an image of him kissing his daughter Mueni in the lips.

Bahati with his daughter, Mueni
Bahati with his daughter, Mueni

The photo has offended some who believe that a father should never do that with his own flesh and blood.

The screenshot of the image is below:


Some Kenyans were unhappy with him for what he had done, although some others did not see an issue. Some of the comments are below:

nalwengeism: Hiyo kiss yako kwa mtoto iwe ya mwisho! Be disciplined!

carohcarojez: Wauh cute

jackyndush: Cute

neymwexhmoffatoh: Isn’t right to kiss your baby?

shilamabwai: Will like to see the same kiss on her mum

petra__brown: Its allowed wacheni ushamba

morryis: Tabia mbaya hio…. @bahatikenya

nythan_blessing: Saitan..!!!!!!!!! How can you do this and you post it? When you have money go back to school and learn some ethics.

Bahati with his daughter, Mueni
With his daughter, Mueni

jakayesu: Unafundisha mtoto tabia mbaya. SAA zile atataka kiss itakua ako primary ama secondary school ama campo but morally u will not do it atatafuta boyfriend mapemaaaaa. Anyway ni wako,

wabsly: Tabia mboso😢😢😢don’t do that again dude

ultan_obrien: When babies get babies

mordecaiatinga: You are suppose to kiss your daughter on either forehead or chick not on the lips.

musafelixobiye: Kali sana bro,

wambui482: Iyo kiss c poa kwa mtoi better forehead ama chicks

We tried reaching the singer for a comment about the debate but we were unsuccessful.

David Beckham also caused an online debate in 2017 when he was photographed kissing his daughter Harper on the lips. The picture is below:


What do you think? Is this much ado about nothing or…

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