Bahati-with his wife
The couple enjoying an intimate moment

Diana Marua has broken down after she heard news of Bahati’s infidelity from his manager, Emma Lihavi.

The celebrity couple is expecting their second child and it looks like the relationship is heading to some seriously turbulent times.

Bahati’s manager has for some time now being observing Bahati flirting with hot chicas at his event.

“I’m not a snitch. I just thought since you are a woman like me I have to clue you in. And I don’t like how things are happening. Bahati is your husband and he is my boss. Of late he is doing weird stuff. We have been going for events and I see him flirting with chics. There is this particular chic who attends all his events,” Bahati’s manager Emily spilt the beans to Diana.

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BahatiAn angry Diana revealed to the Bahati Reality producers that, “Emma has tells me a whole bunch of stuff and to be honest I’m shaking.”

Emma gave her details of Bahati’s perceived infidelity.

“There is this particular day, he was in the car with her, I had gone to receive him and I saw him signalling the girl to lay low. but I noticed. I brushed it off but I had seen her on all events.”

Adding, “There is no way she comes to all the event and has special seating in VIP how can she know. Who is giving this information?

Diana rehashed the past issue they had with a female fan called Sandra who almost caused them to split.

“We went over the issue of Sandra – Another chic who was sexting Bahati – this was the last thing I expected to hear.”

In an angry rant, Diana shouted angrily, “Who does he think he is? Does he think he can get away with this? Like he can do anything?”

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Diana MaruaShe continued:

“Now I see why he has been busy. Before I got pregnant we spent so much time together. I can be true because a lot of people have told me and I dismissed then like fake sources. He comes home late and he doesn’t want to be touched.”

When confronted with these allegations, Bahati acted like he has no idea what all the drama was! He even enlisted the help of Starehe MP Charles Njagua a.k.a Jaguar.

Diana is not having it. She won’t believe a word Bahati says. SHe is inconsolable over the infidelity rumours.

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