Yvette Obura, Bahati's baby Mama

There is a storm brewing between Yvette Obura and her baby daddy gospel star Bahati.

It turns out, Bahati pulled the biggest ‘d*ck move’ ever by blocking all the calls from Yvette. That way he doesn’t get to know what is going on in his daughter’s life.

He then went on his reality TV show and accused her of being the reason he blocked her. Narcissistic much?


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In the reality show, Bahati’s brother Kioko was at hand to mediate between the two ex-couples.

‘How can you block your baby mama?’ Kioko posed.

Bahati and baby mama Yvette Obura
Bahati and baby mama Yvette Obura

To which Bahati responded,

‘You do not know why I blocked you? Then there is no reason to have this meeting.

If today we wake up OK then the next day najipata mpasho.


There is a time Yvette used to give so much information to blogs I even started wondering if she works for blogs.

If a person acts that way and you do not want to see them si the best thing ni kumblock?’

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Bahati went on to add that in a way Yvette undermined his authority as a man giving an example of how she praised herself for being Mueni’s dad on father’s day.

‘So am I seating in this meeting as her uncle or her dad? 

Yvette defended herself saying the Instagram posts that are mined by blogs have nothing to do with her leaking information, but speaking her truth. Which Bahati still did not address.

Yvette told Kioko and Bahati,

‘There are things I see and I am not happy so out of anger I wake up and write those things. All I want is the best for my daughter.’

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