Bahati is a man with a wounded ego after his baby mama Yvette Obura took their daughter Mueni to Mombasa without his consent.

Mueni was celebrating her fourth birthday and like every mother, Yvette decided to treat her daughter to vacation and Bahati is not impressed.

‘Where is Mueni? How can you be in Mombasa and it’s her birthday? 

There is no way you can take away my daughter to Joho’s county and I do not know.’

During Bahati Reality the artiste warned his baby mama not to provoke him.

‘Do not try my patience,you are really trying me.’

Bahati Yvette Obura Mueni

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Yvette then responded,

‘I am in Mombasa and its her birthday? So what about it?

I texted you and you did not reply? How can I call you when you have already blocked me?’

Yvette Obura, Bahati's baby Mama

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An obviously agitated Bahati warned,

‘Do not shout at me that is being disrespectful. Look at your phone. I requested you to buy her a dress and you did not respond.’

You are being very rude. Look for a way to bring her back before then because I had planned for her birthday at 3:00 pm.’

Yvette said that she could not bring back her daughter on time as her SGR ticket was for two days later.

A furious Bahati could not understand how the daughter of a celebrity can go to Mombasa on a train.

‘Why did you make my daughter board a train? My daughter goes to Mombasa by flight.’


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