Bahati and wife

Diana Marua and her sister Varl are not in good terms. The two sisters had an altercation in public after Varl said some mean remarks about Bahati.

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Varl, who’s Bahati’s PA isn’t happy with the new front office employee. She met up with Diana to talk about the new lass and snitch on her brother-in-law.

Bahati doesn’t make good decisions. Let me tell you, my sister, I wish you had waited longer instead of rushing iNto a relationship with Bahati. I feel Baha ako na utoto [He’s very childish],’ Varl said.

Bahati and Diana

This didn’t go well with the mother of two and she savagely attacked her sister.

Varl, you’re not married, you don’t know anything about marriage and you’re here telling me I could have been patient yet you’re employed by my husband,’ Diana said laughing sarcastically.


Why are we having this conversation again. Why do you always tell me things like ‘ooh Baha is young’, and so on? You need to know the boundaries and where not to cross.

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Shocked Varl told her elder sister that ‘I’m just telling you as my sister.’

Diana was pissed and she told her to keep off her family.

Never ever talk to me about my husband again. Tutakosana vibaya sana,’ she said as she walked away leaving her [Varl] standing in the middle of the field.

The puzzled Varl concluded by saying,

Wow! One day you’ll remember my words, bahati ni kijana mdogo sana. [Bahati is a very young man].

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