Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has been spotted hanging out with his close friend and media personality Joe Muchiri.

Joe Muchiri posted the photo on his Instagram and captioned it;

“met up with Irungu, then we social distanced & sanitized

This is Jowie’s first public appearance photo since he was released from Kamiti Maximum Prison early last month where he spent more than a year.

The two have been best of friends and Joe has been visiting Jowie and showing support to him.

Joe was also the first to reveal that Irungu was released on bond and not bail as reported by multiple outlets.

He also disclosed that the family had struggled to raise the Ksh2 million bail with sureties and opted to post bond.

“Jowie was successfully released yesterday in the evening after the family succeeded in fulfilling the bond requirements as ordered by the court. The bail was too much, it was 2 million cash and 3 sureties of the same which was 8 million in total. Friends & strangers to Jowie contributed but the monies was not enough especially in this crazy Jubilee economy, so the family opted for choice number 2 and tried as much as they could to get the bond of 3 million and 3 sureties of the same.”

“The funds contributed through the sister’s account went to the lawyer’s fees which as you can imagine for the last 16 months has been a bit high, for now he is out and in Nakuru as ordered by the court. The case resumes next week in Milimani,” Muchiri wrote on Twitter.

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His friends then launched an appeal to well-wishers urging them to contribute funds towards Jowie’s bail.


Fans were happy to see Jowie and here are some of the comments;

jerajaber: if true friendship was a person..

gabukasha: thanks for checking on my bro and most importantly for being there ile tym kulikua kumwoto. Wewe ni Bazenga. made of Doshi. Jah bless!

Girl bubbly: huyu bado atasumbua na tutaingia box… dryspell i s real.

wa. nyakio: he is looking all kinds of innocent and wacha nimblock huyu sasa staki internal wars.

holydave muthengi: True brotherhood. pokea salamu brother Jowie.

ken.nats: huyu ata sumbua hii town bado. ladies u betther be ready.. dry spell is real

turkanafinestbae: Ako single kama mimi?