Nairobi’s most fierce cop Hessy wa Dandora is back to posting photos of notorious thugs on Facebook and warning them. Hessy has shared photos of a young man believed to be from a wealthy family and warned him to either refrain from his bad behavior or face the wrath.

Vitisho Baridi Peleka Huko! Dangerous Nairobi Thug Posts Photos Flaunting A Gun And Dares Police To Arrest Him

Kenyans are always in support of Hessy for the good work he does and we hope soon Boinnet will recognize his effort.

“Morning, I remember warning this guy by the name JOSEPH MUREGE after he disappeared with passenger’s money in one of the Dandora matatus. Huyu kijana amekataa kabisa kubadilika, nilisema uko na bunduki wenzako wakakutetea sana. Last week ulinyang’anya dame fulani phone yake at gun point hapo CBD. Juzi tena (Sunday) ukaibia mwingine pia phone, wewe unatakaje sasa????  come from a very

You come from a very well-off family. You lack nothing but you can’t stop your evil actions: UNATAKA KUBEMBELEZWA SIYO, sawa sawa!!!!!,” read a post by Hessy wa Dandora. 

Here are photos of the thug who’s giving Dandora residents sleepless nights.


Dandora Thug


Dandora Thug


Dandora Thug


Dandora Thug