Asbel Kiprop

Former 1500m athlete Asbel Kiprop is unlucky. The athlete has been trending for the better part of this month after a raunchy video and photos of him and a married woman (Nancy Rotich)  went viral.34

Asbel Kiprop

Well, Nancy’s husband Andrew Chepsiya has come out to defend his wife’s actions. In an interview with the Nairobian, Chepsiya, who is Kiprop’s close friend and training partner claimed that his wife, who unsuccessfully vied for a Member of County Assembly seat in the past general elections had been blackmailed into sleeping with him.

She told me that Asbel had agreed to fund her campaigns during the elections only if they met at a restaurant in town. The athlete convinced her to order wine and got her drunk.

He added;

My wife does not drink. I have never seen her drink alcohol. I was shocked to see her looking drunk in that video.

The disgruntled Chepsiya went ahead to claim that his friend took advantage of his wife after getting her drunk.

I suspect that Asbel took advantage of her after he convinced her to take wine to sleep with her. He then took photos and recorded videos, which he used to blackmail her into recurrent sexual escapades.

According to the man, his wife Nancy confessed to him after the photos went and the video went viral and ask she asked for forgiveness for cheating on him though they’re no longer an item.

She called me to let me know that she regrets her actions and she was very remorseful.

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Asbel’s wife Sammary Kiprop in an interview with the Nairobian exposed her hubby saying that his love for the bottle had changed everything in their lives. She narrated how her husband’s close friends told her about his affair with Nancy and when she confronted him, he denied the claims.

I confronted Asbel on Sunday morning (August 26), just hours before he leaked the videos. I wanted to establish if indeed he was cheating on me with a married woman. He dismissed me, terming the allegations as baseless lies.

She also told the Nairobian that she called Nancy and she denied the allegations

She downplayed the issue, and I told her if indeed it was true, then it would come out publicly in due course.

Cherotich has since moved of her matrimonial home and she revealed that she had embarked on resuming training to cater for her children. She also revealed that Asbel has neither visited her parents home nor paid dowry.

Asbel has not paid bride price to my parents, and has never set foot in my home to formally introduce himself to my parents for the eight years that we have been married. I’m not going back.

After the story went viral, Nancy attempted to commit suicide by taking pesticide at her house in Eldoret town.

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Kiprop also talked about how Nancy cost his marriage and he came out to expose her so that the world can know who she really is. She said;

I am coming out clean to expose this woman who is like a bad omen to my career. Her entry into my life saw good fortunes fly out and misfortunes dogging me like a shadow.

Asbel Kiprop

He added that:

I called Chepsiya at 7.30pm to confess, just before I posted the video and photos on my Facebook page.