Anita Nderu

Anita Nderu has decided to address ongoing rumours about her “pregnancy”.

The media personality is at pains to explain a photo of herself posing with Amina Abdi. In the photos Amina is holding her stomach as if to imply she has a bun in the oven.

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Anita Nderu and Amina Abdi

Many people bought the narrative, hook line and sinker, and were expecting her to pop the litto tot soon.

Anita has been dating DJ Sun Man for 8 years now.

She gushed about him saying “my favorite Gemini, my best friend, my favorite Deejay and still the worst person to argue with it’s pointless.


Anita Nderu and DJ boyfriend

Anita is a romantic, in a past social media post she wrote about how lucky her mum was to land her dad, that she made a “great husband decision”.

My dad is not on Instagram but I called him to remind him that he is my superhero and I love him way too much and also tried to convince him that I am his favourite kid but he insists he loves us all the same😛. Also every time I tell him I love him (which is literally what I call to tell him almost every day) he says thank you😂 Today he said I love you too Gacheri !yaaay! 😅! Mr. Papeas Lewis Nderu is my entire world and then some. My Mummy made a great husband decision❤ I hope I end up with an equally fabulous man! He is not just a father he is a Dad! A fabulous Dad! My Dad❤ My favourite human❤ .”

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Anita NderuAnyhow, back to her pregnancy news, Anita Nderu has cleared the air saying that she is not expecting to hear any pitter patter of litto feet in her home…yet.

Yaani, she is not pregnant.

Anita took to her Instagram to state that:

“I’m just chubby as usual. Nothing to announce.”

Anita Nderu

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