Shaffie Weru
Shaffie Weru

Shaffie Weru aka The Raverend is a man who likes to party but he is a loud and proud father too.

He is one of those rare fathers who pick their children up from school despite his very busy schedule. Shaffie is one very proud dad and that we can all tell from his social media.

He posts a lot about the fun times he has with his children especially Nia. She is his four-year-old daughter who lives in Kenya while his other daughter, Milan, 13, lives with her mother, Debbie Asila abroad.

Shaffie Weru had an interview with Pulse Live and opened up saying that he actually has a son. Yes, Tyron Jabali, 10 whom he adopted. Okay so here is his story. He met mama Nia and she already had a son and so with time, he decided to adopt him.

Adopting a child is great. You promise to give a child who is not of your flesh and blood, shelter, love and warmth at no charge to the child.

According to the Kenyan laws on adoption, it is not an automatic that if you’re involved with a lady who already has a child they become yours. One has to legally adopt the child only if they muster the following requirements:

1. For a couple that wishes to adopt, you must have been in a marital relationship together for at least three years.

2. A person who is married to the child’s parent with the other biological parent’s consent.

For my kids, technically I have three. I have two girls that is Milan who is 13 and Nia is 4 and then I have a boy who I have adopted he’s called Tyron Jabali. He just turned 10 the other day. Ukichukuwa ngombe lazima uchukuwe na mkia

These were his words as he explained the reason as to why he decided to adopt the young boy.

Shaffie Weru made it clear saying there is a boy we see on his social media pages and that is his beloved son. From the interview, you could tell he loves playing the role of a doting father.
Not only is Shaffie a good father but also a strong believer in forgiveness. He wrote a list of 10 guys who have offended him publicly and declared his forgiveness.
In case you did not get to read his list, worry not we always have the juice. Read the list below in case you have been featured: