Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

Vera  and Otile Brown broke up this past month. Most(including myself) truthful observers wondered how an affair between the socialite and the up and coming musician would have lasted.

And they not wrong as the two celebs broke up a few weeks ago. Vera played the victim with excellent poise, making Otile look like the bad guy in the process saying things like how she had loved so so much! A yarn I did not believe as I believe that it takes two to tango.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

Otile responded by saying that he was n’t the horrible guy he had been made out to be and that there were skeletons in the closet that he had found about the socialite that made him re-think their relationship.

But one thing people many forget is that Vera had began making baby noises just before they split up. She is still on that wave-length posting recently an of a baby crib as she wished that she could get a daughter that she could spoil.

The baby crib
The baby crib

Was it possible that the two could have a baby together?

Stranger things have happened. Aye? And that made us think about what a perfect name for a Otile and Vera progeny would be.

Some of the silly names we came up with are below:


Obviously a derivative of Otile’s first name. This name works well for a male child.

Otile Brown


A combination of the two celebs first names. Would be unisex in my humble opinion.


An apt and fit description for a baby girl that the would have It would be in her genes. Like Kris Jenner and her daughter Kim Kardashian.



Another good name for the daughter that the two could have. Ama? The child should not pay for the sins of her parents?

Vera and Otile
The bootiful photo


This one can go both ways as the two celebs are known to have a love for the theatrics.

Vera and Otile
Otile and the boss

What do you think? Do these names make the cut, or should they stick to the conventional names that society has green-lit?

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