Married Men

The quarantine period is a terrible period in most men’s lives as they cannot go anywhere but stay at home with their families.

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Well, most men especially the adulterous ones are having it rough during this quarantine period and many are wishing coronavirus disappears soon so that they can go back to their normal lives.

Below are some of the things these men are going through;

1. Fighting for remote with kids

The fight is real, kids want to watch cartoons or Maria on Citizen TV while on the other hand, the father wants to watch football replays on Supersport, news or Money Heist on Netflix or any other movie/series.

2. Tutoring kids

With kids at home, they need to study as they await for schools to be reopened. Most dads always arrive home when kids are asleep but with the 7 pm curfew, they have no chance but to be home early and bond with their kids. They’ve taken up the role of teachers.

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3. Doing house chores

Many house helps have been sent on mandatory leaves due to the coronavirus pandemic and men now have to share chores with their wives.

4. Baby mama dramas

Those with other secret families are having it rough. Baby mamas calling in the middle of the night asking for upkeep money others demanding you visit your kid (s) during weekends and hang out together like other days.

5. Being forced to listen to your wife’s gossip

Now married men have to listen to the wives gossiping over the phone or over the balcony with the neighbor’s wife.

6. Dumped by side chics

The economy is tough and most men with side chics can’t afford to provide for them,. Most used to visit their side chics at night and even spend nights over but with no bars open, they have no excuse to get home late.

Picking calls is also a problem for these men and several have been dumped for neglecting their side dishes. Once COVID-19 is over, they will go back to the drawing board.

7. Phone on flight mode

Many have been forced to put their phones on flight mode because they can’t talk to their annoying baby mamas, side chics and shylocks.