Maina Kageni was shocked to hear a heartbreaking story of a baby mama whose child was taken away from her by her baby daddy.

This ignited a debate where many Nairobi women called into Classic 105 in the morning to join in on the discussion with Maina and Kingangi.

The woman narrated how she was forced to give up her one-year-old daughter to avoid fights with her baby daddy.

“It happened that in-laws wakaleta shida na you know ma mummy’s boys don’t want to listen to their ladies. It happened I had a daughter and she was so attached to daddy, and there was a fight about her. She ended up with him.”

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The lady who called into the station told Maina that the baby daddy was told by the parent to take the child and they will take care of her.

She is with him, who lives with his parents. He went back to shags and the father searched a job for him so he is raising our daughter right now. I don’t see her, it’s been a year since I saw my daughter because I don’t want anything to do with them.

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Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

She continued, “I do miss her and sometimes when I call him, they don’t pick my call.”

Adding, “I can’t go to where she lives because it will just be too dramatic to talk to those parents, even if we meet in the corridor we can’t even say hi. And she is four years and a half, I am okay with that I just told God to give me that piece of mind.”

A shocked Maina could not wrap his head around the fact that she gave up her year old baby, and doesn’t care to see her daughter anymore.

He stated:

I need to get a drink.

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