Awinja Jacky

I am just about to give all of y’all pretty ladies some serious baby fever Jacky Vike aka Awinja just gave birth not so long ago to a cute baby boy.

Awinja Jacky

We have not gotten the chance to see the baby’s face but we are almost sure he is a cute boy I mean did you see her glow when she was pregnant?

She clarified the rumours of her ‘ongoing’ relationship’ with Sleepy and posted pictures of the love of her life and father of her child.

Jacky Vike aka Awinja

The guy has dreads and maybe this is the reason why their child’s hair is nothing but goals. They seem to have not cut his hair since birth so maybe they have plans of making him look all cool and growing dreds on him.

‘Respect To Men Supporting Their Partners With Newborns,’ Awinja Appreciates Her Baby Daddy (Photos)

When she posted the picture, haters were fast like fire in a burning bush to come off to her and the choice she has made for her child’s hair.

She has a response to each and every negative and positive comment on the picture but here are just but a few:

Sophia: Please cut it, read the Bible about men having long hair.

Rose: A boy why grow the hair


Jacky: because I choose to, you can also do what you want with yours darling 😘

Jacky:😂😂 Thank you Sophia but to each his own 😘

Here is a picture: