She is the darling of many Kenyans online. Ladasha Belle has slowly wormed her way into the hearts of fans, thanks to her celebrity parents introducing her to the public on a daily basis via social media. This strategy saw Ladasha bag an million bob endorsement deal with a diaper company.

Baby Millionaire! DJ Mo And Size 8 Get An Endorsement Deal For Baby Ladasha Belle

After bagging the endorsement deal, not many people were happy. At All.

But haters ni wengi. It is only a matter of time before they are all converted into swooning fans. Ladasha Belle’s charisma lies in her alluring innocence and bewitching smile.

It is there fore perplexling when grown ass men troll this pretty litto angel.

Ben Etemesi wrote, “Mmetuboo na huyu mtoto wenu pia sisi tuna watoto wetu!”

Ben, no one told you to like her page, you have the option of glossing over. Petty is not a good colour on anyone. #ByeFelicia.

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Away from trolls. DJ Mo posted a photo of Ladasha looking all baby baus! Kenyans online went wild.

Ladasha Belle

Here are some of the reactions.

Josii Nyash Hahaha miss world waaoo kako poa sana
Lyne Njoroge Haka kadem hakapendi ujinga hatajucheka khaiii????????????
Sheillah Amoso Ako brave kama mamake kip up belle
Jeff Mc Smittah Walking like she’s her own boss
Alice Nderitu Riu nikii Bobo wagucia miromo…..ukajua vile uko smart uwezi jam….pretty gal
Shyloo Marion Jones Aki ya nani huyu mtoi alichukua sura ya babake…oooiii heli angechukua ata ka ni kasmile kadogo ka mum…thihihihi sura ya kazi manenoz
Matt Adam Wow!! What an adorable Baby! So so cute!! I can see the future in her eyes!!
Morine Nyawira ati kaunda suits and high waist manenos.Best comments lol
Elizabeth Wanjiku The baby is very pretty but I wanna ask why she was dressed in that kirinda ngoma as we called them back in the village?
Evelyene Evey Martial ???????????????????????? MO acha kulet D ladasha muvalishe nguo fitting hehehe iyo inaitwa sura ya kazi yaani business face

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