DJ Evolve

Babu has been charged with the attempted murder of Felix Odhiambo commonly known as DJ Evolve at B-club on Friday last week.

He has also been charged with behaving disorderly while carrying a firearm.

He is said to have become disorderly while carrying a pistol and firing one round of ammunition while intending to shoot at the DJ.

‘I am pushing on,’ a weak DJ Evolve says from his hospital bed

While appearing before chief magistrate Francis Andayi, Babu has denied all the charges preferred against him.

Babu is represented by lawyers Dunstan Omari, Cliff Ombeta and five others.

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The prosecution has opposed his release on bail or bond as he is likely to interfere with witnesses since he is an influential man in society.

“He is well known to the victim of the crime and he has made attempts to reach witnesses especially the victims father,” the prosecution said.

The prosecution also alleges that the MP is facing another charge at Kibera law courts, a case Ombeta says does not exist.

According to people who have been allowed to visit DJ Evolve at Nairobi hospital where he is admitted, Evolve is doing well.

He is conscious, he does have support to keep his head facing forward as he lies in bed and a neck brace.

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The pain is uncomfortable, but it is a good sign that he can feel, he does need a nurse’s assistance to move his limbs from time to time but complete feeling will return as he heals.

He was awake and talking, he was able to interact with us, he says the doctors say that he is healing quickly. Prayer works!

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