Babu Owino

Babu Owino is not one for the chills. He has made a sport of having witty (somewhat nasty) comments about his political rivals from the president to Mike Sonko to his perennial favourite Moses Kuria.

Moses Kuria

After the recent shock announcement that Raila and Uhuru are going to settle their differences and work together, many were caught flat-footed. This news was a shock to many NASA stalwarts with some refusing the deal but Babu has towed the line, which will come as a shock to many Kenyans.

Babu Owino

With his reputation as a politician who shoots from the hip, he supported his NASA leaders action with an emphatic post on social media. He wrote:

“We must serve the people of Kenya all those who I annoyed when I was fighting for the oppressed to forgive me,”

“Kuanzia Leo matusi nimewacha katika jina la YESU Kristo Mkombozi wetu.We must serve the people of Kenya.All those who I annoyed when I was fighting for the oppressed to forgive me and I have forgiven those who oppressed me too.”

Babu Owino

During the height of political tension between NASA and Jubilee, Owino was arrested several times and charged with all kinds offenses after insulting Uhuru and other government officials. His new stance was met with varying reactions by Kenyans. Some are below

  • xhylerhdalvin hope u will fulfill u word
  • geofreyombeso_voteguzzler We’ve Moved on… You’re Forgiven…
  • barbs8123 If u can’t beat them join them..hahhaha
  • dommy_paul.m Yeah good leader
  • that_chiq_wanjira_wanjeste😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂so you believe youve been abusing people smh 😂😂😂😂lamba lolo
  • stevohoktoh Uwanja uko swafi xx bruh! 👏Kip T up👍☝ we lv u xn #GODS SPEED💪🙌

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