DJ Evolve being carried out of B Club after being shot

Kenyans were shocked after a video clip showing Embakasi East MP Babu Owino shooting DJ Evolve then later dragging and carrying him from the scene of crime emerged.

The now viral clip has painted the picture of what happened on Friday morning during the B Club shooting incident.

However, Babu’s lawyer, Cliff Ombetta, come out guns blazing to explain what exactly happened.

‘…better pray he makes it,’ Maina Kageni tells Babu Owino after he shot DJ Evolve

Speaking to the press on Saturday, January 18, from Gigiri Police Station where Babu is currently incarcerated, Ombetta said,

“The clip also allegedly shows what transpired in the club, you can see its just a few seconds. Babu had been in that club for much longer. Babu had been in the club for a better part of the night.

He continued,

“We need that the DCIO and any other investigating team that’s proceeding with this matter to take the clip in its entirety so that we do not only pick an issue that we can see and forget part of it that could have been building up to that particular moment. An edited clip should not be a conclusion to this particular case,” Ombetta said.

Video of Babu Owino’s car impounded by police after B Club shooting

Explaining the tail end of the clip where Babu and what looks like a bouncer are carrying DJ Evolve from B Club, Ombetta said,

“People need to understand that carrying and dragging him on the floor was as a result that nobody else was coming forward to help him. What could he do? He had to take the patient to the hospital, he had to save a life.”

DJ Evolve being carried out of B Club after being shot


“Let people not look at that clip and just throw the negative aspect. That actually was positive.”

Lawyer Cliff Ombetta explains how DJ Evolve was shot

Ombetta said that Babu went ahead to pay DJ Evolve’s hospital bill to the tune of Ksh 600,000 bill.

“On this particular case, he has paid the hospital bill and will continue to pay whatever shall come about until the patient recovers, so at least we can see the human part of it,” he explained.

DJ evolve us fairing well. He came from a successful surgery yesterday evening. Sources claim that he is in alot of pain.