Babu Owino
Babu Owino

Babu Owino and Moses Kuria have a very strange relationship if what Babu has revealed recently is anything to go by. The two political combatants have gone at each other’s necks with no quarter given in a never-ending supremacy battle.

Moses Kuria and Babu Owino

Most observers would say that there is no love lost between the two but they would be very wrong according to Babu. He was speaking to NASA T.V and explained how their lovely “bromance” plays out.

He spoke of the relationship and said:

“At times I find Kuria in a bar very drank and asleep. I am the one who carries him and takes him to his house in Westlands. If I am lying let him deny it in public.”

Moses Kuria

In the interview, Babu Owino also urged fellow politicians to stop inciting negative ethnicity in the minds of their followers. He admits politicians are to be blamed for fanning tribal tensions. He added:

“We as politicians don’t hate each other that much. After arguing in Parliament, when we come out we still shake hands, talk, and laugh. The problem with us is we inflict negative ethnicity in the minds of our people so that people can fight. It shouldn’t be like that.”

Babu Owino

That he takes his political rival home after a heavy night out just shows how Kenyans are played like violins by politicians.

Wahenga hawakukosea waliposema: Wajinga ndio waliwao!

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