Babu Owino
Babu Owino

Babu Owino might be undergoing one of the toughest patches in his life but he still seems to have an indomitable funny bone.

Doug Stanhope said:

“You should laugh everywhere you can find even the slightest glimmer of humour.” 

And it seems that the embattled politician is looking for it in such situations. After NASA leader Raila Odinga announced an end of the opposition’s civil disobedience and product boycott imposed on several companies after the disputed October 26 repeat elections, Babu has officially quit the NRM.

Babu Owino

This can be seen clearly after he posted a hilarious message on his social media. He wrote:

“From today henceforth do not resist Njeri. Open the servers.”

Last year, Raila urged his supporters to boycott products from corporations he claimed were part of the August election rigging scheme. They included Safaricom, Haco, Bidco, and Brookside.

Heeding to Raila’s call at the time, a sycophant Babu Owino included women from the Central region in the list of things to boycott. He told supporters during a rally in Kibra to “open Njeri servers if they cannot resist.”

Babu Owino

He was subsequently bashed by a section of Kenyans, including political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi who accused Babu of calling for the rape of women from the Kikuyu community.

This was not the first time that a Kenyan politician had put his foot in his mouth. William Kabogo, the former Kiambu governor has also done so. During the height of campaigns for the Kiambu governorship Jubilee ticket between him and Ferdinand Waitutu, he made some shocking remarks about what women wear.

Former Kiambu-governor-William-Kabogo
Former Kiambu-governor-William-Kabogo

Among some of the things he is reported to have said is insulting the husbands of the women by flashing his money at them. He reportedly said:

“Women, I will give you Sh400, Sh200 for a biker and Sh200 for panties because your husband can’t afford that for you. Between me and that pauper (Waititu),whom can you trust with your daughter? I can treat your daughters by giving them money. But I am a man, I can’t take a hen and its eggs (meaning he is rich).”

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