Babu Owino in court. Photo/ Enost Teche
Babu Owino in court. Photo/ Enost Teche

Hours after a judge ordered Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino be detained for 7 more days,Babu has shared hazards a leader must prepared for.

Babu is in custody after he shot the in-house DJ at B Club, DJ Evolve.

Taking to his Instagram Babu penned

‘A politician must always prepare for the following occupational hazards:
1-Must be prepared to serve his people
2-Must be prepared to go to jail
3-Must be prepared to take an asylum
4-Must be prepared to Die
5-Must be prepared to enjoy.’

Revealed! Last conversation DJ Evolve had with Babu Owino before shooting

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino will spend seven days in custody. This is in connection to the shooting of Felix Orinda.

Felix whose stage name is DJ Evolve was short on Friday, 17th/01/2020.

The court has ordered that a probation bail report be filed by the probation department within seven days.

‘Babu has been trying to reach DJ Evolve’s dad,’ Prosecution reveals

According to chief magistrate Francis Andayi, the views of the victim, Felix Odhiambo has not been mentioned on whether bail should be granted or not.

The report will, therefore, include the views of the DJ on Babu’s release.

The matter will be mentioned on January 27. The court will rule on whether he will be granted bail on January 27

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