Social media consumption has increased significantly over the years, content creators are having a field day. Celebrity parents are now showing their fans a lot about their lifestyles.

Posting babies on social media has recently become a thing, infact, they are going all out; babies as young as 2 years have a whole production that includes a photographer, videographer and their own social media platforms.

Celebrities are now striving to make brand names out of their newborns as young as they are. This though is a good thing but the bad outweighs the good.

A lot of brands right now are using social media to advertise their products, content creators are paid to endorse them.

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Celebrities create social media pages for their babies as soon as they are born. There is this habit of slowly revealing their young one to the public slowly; first, they start with legs, then fingers or rather hands then finally the baby’s face is revealed.

People connect to this kind of stuff especially mothers and so the baby ends up having hundreds of thousands of followers.

This is where diaper brands and baby clothes companies jump in and sign the young celebrity.

This not only means money for the parents but also an influencer is created in the process. An account can be opened and the baby starts working for his/her future at a very tender age.

Parenting is no easy thing, nobody has a manual for it and so through social media celebrities are able to share their experiences with their fans and ideas are exchanged.

It can be so frustrating as a new parent when your baby has rashes and you have no idea what to do. But these are the kind of things celebs post on Instagram and ask people if it is weird or just normal.

Without knowing they are educating themselves and those who follow them on the ups and downs of being a ‘fresher’ parent.

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These videos they keep uploading is a learning process of some sort; a celebrity posts of how their baby doesn’t like something, mums will see this and share their experiences of the same.

These days celebrities do the whole thing from ultrasound pictures, date announcements, gender reveal and some like the Wajesus Family did a video in the delivery room.

This kid’s privacy has been violated from the get-go, pictures and videos are all over social media for everybody to see.

Privacy is something that should just be that, private. You have exposed very personal details of your child in the name of content creating.

Yes, I know the kid is too young to decide but shoulPrivacy is something that should just be that, private. You have exposed very personal details of your child in the name of content creating.dn’t you at least wait till they are 18 so that they can decide for themselves?

Stolen identities do not only happen in the adult world, even babies to have their identities stolen.

When you post a picture of your newborn on social media, someone can lift that snapshot and claim it as their own baby.

I saw this recently, Mc Pilipili a Tanzanian comedian and pastor lifted a picture of Brenda Wairimu’s 6-month-old baby and posted it claiming it to be his.

The Kenyan actor was reminiscing about her babies moments when she was 6 months old and posted her babies soles.

This is strange, how can you just use a picture of someone else’s baby? Kenyans were outraged and some even joked that maybe his baby was not cute enough.

A baby is seen as a blessing, it’s like God is adding spice to your relationship or marriage. Not everybody will be happy for you when you are blessed with a newborn.

Celebrities tend to post a lot of pictures and videos of their kids without knowing that someone with ill intentions might be watching.

People like this will try and harm the baby if they can track your location. If locating you proves to be difficult they resort to cyberbullying; they now start making fun of the baby’s looks.

You are hating on someone who doesn’t even know they are alive, they know so little at that stage. Social media can expose your kid to all forms of insults and bullying.

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We all have different paths and destinies in life, even before you are born there is something that you are destined to achieve.

Not everybody fulfils their purpose in life, some just waste time trying everything out and in the end, just give up.

When celebrities post their babies on social media, obviously they will grow their following as time goes.

The young one is a public figure without even knowing it; their paths have been chosen for them.

Maybe they would not have wanted to live their lives on the low, private and away from the public eye.

But they can’t decide for themselves since their parents have already decided on their behalf.

Everybody should be given a chance to decide what to do with their time here on earth, after all it’s their lives.

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