Willy Paul

Award-winning gospel artiste Willy Paul has been topping the music charts for quite a while now, and it’s without a doubt the most talented lad around.

Usijitie Kitanzi! Willy Paul Explains Why He Stormed Out Of Groove Awards Nomination Ceremony

The Jigi Jigi hitmaker, who is always busy with his music career recently created some free time to visit his ancestral home in Ambira, Nyanza province.

Willy Paul posted a photo posing next to his late father, Paul Opondo Radido’s grave. He talked about how much he misses him wishing that he was alive to see what the good Lord has done to him.

Willy-Paul“7 years down the line and I still can’t get you out of my mind dad… today I went to visit my dad’s grave after 7yrs… I wish he was alive to see what the Lord has done in my life.. I wish he was alive to enjoy my success with me… it pains and breaks my heart equally whenever I think of my late Father.. PAUL RADIDO.. papa.. you will always have a place in my heart,” he wrote. 

Willy paul’s post ignited mixed reactions among his followers and here is what some had to say;

Njihia: May your dad continue resting in peace. In the meantime, let your mom enjoy your success. Spoil her with anything that she asks for.

Sylvans:  funnily enough, you don’t enjoy your success with your mum, so what makes you convinced that you would have enjoyed your success with your dad. hapo ni zero. just trying to pull a stunt

ConnieMiles: It is well…..he still lives in you….you’ve become the best over time. He smiles and says “my son you are my hero. I love you and I always watch over you Be Strong!”

Yacine: I always wish he could be alive too…..but God always has a reason for everything….. may he continue resting in peace..

Lisah: Am just listening to Lala salama one of your songs that i still love, they had content and good message too…may he continue resting in peace

Mercie: Willy Paul take heart …you blessed since you have your mom alive just take good care of her..mothers are the world..whatever you wish

Deno: I know how it feels, we sail on the same boat but take heart am sure his dream was to see you succeed in life. God knows it is well.

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