Kirigo Ngarua

Former Citizen TV news anchor Kirigo Ngarua is back with a bang!

After She Was Sacked By Citizen TV, Kirigo Ng’arua Reveals One Of The Scariest Things She has Ever Done. Utashangaa!

Kirigo was among the employees of Royal Media Services who were laid off last year when the company restructured. Now, she has started her show called ‘The Girlfriends Table’.

It is the table where women from different walks of life come together, sit and get real and raw with each other on all things about the woman!

The ex-TV siren has been silent for months, and it seems she was working on this project that many can’t wait to see the final project. She announced the great news on social media.

“Good morning happy children!!! ???? allow me to share some thoughts in a long post…… Like I mentioned at the beginning of the year, ..I have some exciting projects lined up and this is one…My baby… The Girlfriends Table where women from different walks of life will regularly sit down and share their stories remembering to keep it real and raw.. Many kept asking me ‘why’ and my answer is…women know how to keep both the good and bad to themselves and it’s time we changed that.

Kirigo Ng'arua

It’s time we embraced womanhood with all that it comes with. It’s time to share stories on successes and challenges of being a woman…time to change the stereotypes about the woman…it’s time to truly enjoy being in this zone hoping that it will be a source of hope and inspiration to the women who will listen as we pick each other up… ????

In the coming week, I shall be posting images (on @thegirlfriendstable) of some amazing women who will be sitting at my table on Wednesday next week and sharing stories with me-a day I can’t wait for!!!! I honestly hope and pray that we as women will learn to totally embrace the journey of womanhood without making apologies…#HighlyBlessedandFavored #WomenRisingTogether,” she posted. 

Kirigo went ahead to thank her fellow media girls who came through to support her.

“I am forever grateful and thankful!!I set out on a new journey yesterday and my girlfriends showed up..My tribe showed up.. thank you @suziebeautyke @scents_by_geraldine @jacquemaribe @kambuamuziki @shiro_gaitho @beckymuikia @samantha_maina @pinkyghelani @drdaisykorir @missnailantei for embracing my concept @thegirlfriendstable and showing up for an evening full of food, drinks,great conversations and laughter..thank you..I am grateful!! Stay tuned for the recording..will share deets on when it goes up.”

Kirigo Ngarua has not yet revealed whether the show will be aired on YouTube or TV.