Maribe crying
Maribe crying

Being a single parent is not easy. You have to play both roles in your child or children’s lives. You have to always be there for them. Parenting comes with a lot of challenges and one has to be ready for anything. Well, in the local showbiz industry we have several single parents many being women and we do appreciate them.


Citizen TV’s senior presenter Jacque Maribe, a single mother of one is a strong woman. The multi-talented TV girl has managed to raise her son on her own. She plays both roles of a mother and father.

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Maribe has always documented her motherhood journey on social media and it hasn’t been that smooth. She has been through ups and downs but being the strong woman she is, she tries to overcome the challenges that come along with parenting.

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Jacque Maribe recently penned down a heartwarming message to her son, the most special man in her life that will move you to tears. In the long message she posted on social media, Maribe revealed how she loves her son Zahari and always creates time despite her busy schedule to be with him. Here is what she wrote;

“I may not get it right sometimes, being a mom, I may not spend every second by your side my love, but being with you, through the days we’re happy and play and through the days we’re unwell and in hospital, I love nothing more than just hearing you say, “mama” I am blessed to be custodian over you in this life my darling Zee ???????? and I will never, take that for granted!.”

Isn’t she a great mother?