Size 8 and her family

The days were families were a gift are over and done. These days men just want to tap and go and women just want a baby or two.

The biggest reason being, we lack role models. Many households have divorced families and they seem to be doing just fine so why get married anyway?

Well, despite that being the case, there are a few celebrity young couples who have proven to us through Instagram that family is possible.

Here are the Kenyan celebrity families will motivate you to go down the family road.

Disclaimer: forget all the rumors you’ve heard.

  1. Eddie Ndichu and Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua, Baby Huru and Eddie Ndichu
Janet Mbugua, Baby Huru and Eddie Ndichu. photo credit: file

What won’t you fall in love with in this family? They are a very good looking couple and their son is adorable. They are both hardworking and young and have managed to keep their family intact. They travel, work and play parental duties proving that it is all possible.

2. Juliani and Brenda Wairimu

Juliani and Brenda Wairimu with their daughter

I am already in awe. Despite their break up rumors, this couple is cute and their daughter, a personification of stunning baby charm! Ooh my God.

They are both working very hard in their careers, innovating new things and still have time for family and fun. So why not start one?

3. DJ Mo and Size 8

Size 8 and DJ Mo and Ladasha
Size 8 and DJ Mo and Ladasha

Most people thought that Size 8 was not going to make it as a wife or gospel artiste. One was going to fail, but see God. She is doing very well for herself and her family.

The couple even has endorsements so its money and family moves. They always look happy, they are such family goals, my ovaries are screaming for me to begin the life.

 4. Nick Mutuma and Bridget Shighadi

Bridget Shighadi and Nick Mutuma

Just the other day, the two welcomed a bouncing baby girl. A young couple but look at them ready to settle down and start a family.

Guys, its possible! Love does exist. Nick Mutuma and Bridget have crashes all over but they have decided to accept that fact and move on to become one.

5. King Kaka and Nana Owiti

King Kaka

King Kaka has money in every corner of this Kenya. Business deals every day but he still has time for fatherhood and being a husband. Who said work can become a distraction? Ask King Kaka how he does it.

6. Kenrazy and Sosuun


These two badass rappers have been blessed with two beautiful daughters. Despite their busy schedules trying to make living out there, they have managed to raise such a beautiful family and have time for their young ones.

 7. Bahati and Diana Marua

Virtually everyone was on their necks, blasting Diana Marua her for falling in love with Bahati, but like they say, love is blind.

Diana and Bahati are happily married with a cute baby girl whom they named Heaven. Bahati is really motivating young men out there to work hard and be able to fully support their women fully.

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