grace msalame

Grace Msalame recently shared her best lessons from year 2015 on her website. Among them included her motherhood lessons, style tips as well as embracing her body changes as she grows older.

“I also learned that my body will keep changing as I grow older, and I can no longer eat whatever I want, whenever I want ? unfortunately… sigh… (moment of silence),” she opened up. The former TV personality has maintained her sexy figure even after giving birth to twins, perhaps by adapting to these changes.

On motherhood, the fashion brand ambassador said that as a mom, one never feels sufficient. There’s always that feeling that one is not doing enough. Even if one gets tired, they still have the urge to go an extra mile and do more.

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“…In all my relationships when life gets a bit to hectic it’s okay to adopt quality over quantity until you can have both, but in the meantime…practice being fully present whenever you have some time with a loved one, for all we have are each other and the moments and memories we share,” she added.

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