Njambi Koikai
In the past

Jahmby Koikai seems to be healing quite well.

Seeing as she is a public figure, her story touched a lot of people. Her story rose a lot of awareness on endometriosis. A disease that many people thought was normal until she opened up on how much pain and trouble it brought her.

Njambi Koikai

Well, before she was officially diagnosed, we knew her through her talent as a journalist especially on radio. Fayah Mama is her radio name as she is a lover of reggae.

Jahmby Koikai attended school with Bernard Ndong who she is congratulating for a job well done in an interview he did with Divork Origi.

Divork is a Kenyan who plays as a striker for Liverpool and was the youngest goal scorer in the last World Cup.

Sadly this year he is not part of the team leading World Cup this year. The last time Divork was in the country was 7 years ago and now he is here on holiday.

Bernard Ndong had the privilege of interviewing him and his friends and family could not be any less proud of him.

Such an achievement in his career has brought memories for Jahmby Koikai back in their university days. They both attended Daystar and shared all their classes together.

Jahmby confesses that she hated video editing and so Bernard took up that role very well. She penned down a letter to him congratulating him for the major achievement.

‘I was dumped because of this pain,’ Njambi Koikai talks about battling with endometriosis

This came as a surprise because we never knew the extent of their friendship. Jahmby refers to him as one of the few true friends she has.

“Many moons ago in a campus called Daystar University, Athi River, Mavoko area, hosted some of the best journalists in Kenya. This is me and one of my truest friends, bernard ndong in COMMS 468 which i think was the video editing class. I hated video editing all through campus and I’ve never really got the hang of it even though I’ve started regenerating interest. Ndong was so good at it yaani so here i was stressing a boychild to do my project for me and he vehemently refused😂😂😂😂😂😂….I’m kidding. We’ve always been close from campus. You always made fun of my braces and my forehead loooooool but look at us now hahahahhahaha. Always together on the school bus, at the kibanda kwa Mueni, sharing our family storos which were quite similar, you always pushed me to perfect my French. You always check on me. You’re my homie from long time. Great interview with Divork Origi. Awesome. Felicitations mon frere.
You see i was fat back in the day loooool. We had chapo eating competitions almost every Wednesday mornings with me @bernardndong na @antonymutai
Much love.

Jahmby mentioned that Daystar university has produced a lot of top journalists in the country.

They are very familiar faces including Betty Kyalo, Lillian Muli, Larry Madowo, Johnson Mwakazi, Waihiga Mwaura, Lizz Ntojira and comedian Eric Omondi.

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