Instagram has given us the platform to share our emotions with everyone.

Our celebrities have taken this up very well. We now have Instagram babies.

The dotting famous parents post cute little video’s of their tots growing up and just being babies.

Here are a few Instagram babies we have fallen in love with.

Baby Boss: Check out Diamond Platnumz’ heir, Prince Nillan flaunting his cars

The best thing about it is, some of them are actually making money off Instagram and social media at large.

  1. DJ Mo and Size 8 baby, Ladasha

2. Hamisa Mobetto and Majjizo- Fancy

3. DJ Pierra daughter- Ricca

4. Tedd Josiah – Gummy bear5. Bahati and Diana Marua baby- Heaven Bahati


Heaven Bahati
Bati and Diana Marua’s daughter, Heaven

I know your baby fever is 100% now!

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