Willy Paul

Without a doubt, Willy Paul is a talented kid!

His debut with his song Rabuka set the pace for him to get national recognition and now, the Sitolia hit maker is a household name across borders.

Two times now, Pozze has not been nominated for the Groove awards, the most celebrated gospel awards in the country. According to Groove, he and others were not nominated citing not having ‘Christian Values.’

Pozze was named by fans as controversial after he released the song Tiga Wana with Size 8, one that hit the internet by storm. It seems this singer is tired of the trolls that have come out after he was once again not nominated for the Groove Awards.

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He took to social media saying that he did not need the awards to get to heaven;

“If you were meant to go to heaven you’ll go.. trust me sio awards zitakupeleka heaven!!!”

He went on to emotionally confess;

“I got something to tell you, so ni hivi, mtu asiwahi kudanganya ati relationship yako na God itaangaliwa na awards ngapi uko nazo….Relationship yako na God ni personal…At the end of the day ukimrudia utaingia Heaven, sio awards ngapi umewin ndio utaingia nazo “

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Could he have been hurt by the fact that groove did not nominated him once again?