The derriere. Dainty, dashing, dazzling yet often taken for granted until you get a boil on your buttcrack and you decry all the time spent not appreciating your own.

Omo Naija call it yansh, Kenyans haga. I have no idea what Ugandans call it but I will be in Kampala soon to find out!

Has Avril Bleached? She Finally Opens Up

Well, Avril’s fiance learnt a bitter lesson a long time ago about showing his own some appreciation when he got a boil that needed more than lancing. And he shared the story with us. Find out what he had to say below:


TBT I remember this day had just had an operation on my butt had a huge boil that was passing out a lot of pass and was seating on one butt. surely come a long way whoever thought we would reach this far. London days was surrounded by cool peeps.