Avril Mpasho

Avril has asked online users to stop being harsh on people who wear makeup. Having previously faced backlash over allegedly poorly done makeup, she said some people wear makeup to cover their skin.

Taking to Instagram, the mother of one shared a few photos of herself without makeup.

“Stop shaming girls and guys going through the ups and downs of having problematic skin who chose or want to wear makeup,” she wrote.

In a past interview, Avril said she has very sensitive skin. This comes barely a week after she posted photos of herself with well-done makeup and fans asked her to fire her makeup artist.

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Avril Avril said she no longer has the energy to respond to negativity.

“You all know I know how to shade on these IG streets, but gosh, that kathiing is just gone like the wind,” she said.

In another post, she encouraged anyone going through the same thing she is.

She wrote,

“Alot and I mean alooooot has taught me that happiness truly does start with me. So decided to choose joy and peace came straight along. Also, who wants to do a makeup video with me in the near future 😆, I promise lots of laughter and bloopers, and maybe 🍷 😆.”

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Check out her video below,

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