Diamond Platnumz has given a special appreciation to singer Avril. The Hello Baby hit maker helped the Tanzanian get into the Kenyan market after she agreed to feature as a video vixen in his song Kesho.

“Shout out to avril kwa sababu alinipokea vizuri akaniruhusu nishoot na yeye video. Nashukuru sana, namheshimu sana na ninampenda sana. Alichangia video yangu ya Kesho ipendwe zaidi Kenya.”

Diamond and Avril

After the shoot with Avril, Diamond wanted to expand across Africa. He says he used all his money to shoot the song Number One. Yes, just for the sake of making it. And he did.

“Baada ya hapo nikapanga nishoot video ingine. Nikaenda kushoot South Africa. Nikashoot video ya number one,naamini ni nyimbo amabayo iliyoni-introduce kwenye market ya Africa.”

Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Diamond Platnumz’ album launch

He added:

“That was the song I used all my money. My last video before that i had used 300,000 USD (Ksh 3,000,000). After that I shoot a video worth 30,000USD (Ksh 3Million).”

He said this during the launch of his Album A Boy From Tandale that took place last week in Nairobi.

Here is the exclusive video: