Money is good. It can buy you anything including happiness and singer Avril’s ex-lover, Muga, is a great example. The lad is living like a king! He is never afraid of flaunting his wealth on social media; from posh cars, homes and even expensive drinks, Muga is living a life many only dream of.

Muga parted ways with Avril mid this year after their relationship seemed not to bear any fruit. The man from South Africa who was engaged to Avril three years back, took too long to marry her and he recently left back to his home country where it seems he is enjoying life and has already moved. Fortunately, so has Avril.

KULA KWA MACHO! Avril Leaves Kenyan Men’s Blood Boiling After She Stepped Out Like This

Avril recently released a new song Wewe featuring Susumila which is currently dominating the local airwaves, and who knows, the song may win the duo an award come next year’s Bingwa Awards ceremony.

On the other hand , the Nikimuona singer’s ex-lover is living life in the fast lane and this can be evident from the photos posted online. Although many have always questioned his source of wealth, Muga has maintained that he is a business/farmer….let us not speculate. The controversial man has been sharing photos on his Instagram just to give us a glimpse into his everyday life ever since he left the country.

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While you are busy flossing to us your parents’ property, check out the fabulous lifestyle of Avril’s ex-boyfriend.