Some topics should not be discussed after lungula because they may ruin the mood or make it better. Ensure you tread carefully with your partner especially after sex.

Here are some topics to avoid.

1. Don’t bring up pre-existing fights

People argue that during ‘break time’, people can default back to talking about the state of affairs.

However, you need to be careful not to bring up issues that would ruin the mood. Issues of your partner with other ladies issa no!

2. Don’t discuss the future of your relationship if you’re hoping the sex will result in commitment

Save your insecurities for some time else.

Sex doesn’t necessarily always equate to commitment but obviously it’s important to be on the same page about your relationship status.

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3. Don’t ask them where they learned how to do that

This goes back to the whole ex thing, and there’s just really no good answer here.hat would you possibly want to do with that information?

4. Don’t critique your partner’s performance

Avoid talking negatively about your partner. Men especially take critics very seriously and you may bring down his ego if negative comments are hurled to him.

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5. Don’t comment on their body, either

Body shaming is not acceptable. Especially not after both of you have just shared your most intimate parts of yourselves.