The International Organization for Migration (IOM) says that from its study on migrant flows through North Africa through the years, Eritrea has topped the list of immigrants in numbers. Immigrants pay up to $5,000 USD to sail on human traffickers’ ships to Europe.

This is because people want to go abroad to have better lives; better jobs so as to support their families back home.

When they reach abroad, the ‘potential employers’ turn them into sex slaves, laborers and they don’t pay them. Food is also a big problem and they live in squalid conditions; spending most of their days out in the cold. Some end up being killed when they try to escape.

In line with this reality, Sarakasi Trust has got something exciting coming up. There has been a recent wave of unfortunate events that has seen slave immigrants drown while en-route to Europe.

This is modern day slavery and it undermines fundamental human rights of the victims grossly. To know more about slavery and how you can help end it, you are invited to attend #Arts2EndSlavery, a premiere event happening at various locations.

The exhibition series seeks to reveal the complex, malign culture of human trafficking in Kenya through art. You’ll get to learn the situation and how you can avoid being a victim and also protect people within your circles. All these benefits, you’ll get for free.


The event has already happened at Sarakasi Dome and Godwon Art Center but you’re invited to attend the remaining sessions;

British Institute of East Africa: 18-23 May
Kobo Trust: 25-30 May

There you have it. With the easy schedule, you’ll have the flexibility to attend.