Comedy queen cum radio personality Aunty Jemimah is giving team mafisi a hard time after photos of herself and her on-screen daughter Wanjiru emerged.

The Gukena FM presenter is known for her humorous videos that depict the life African mothers put their kids through.

Wanjiru her ‘daughter’ on the other hand is loved by many for her witty comebacks when her onscreen mum imposes her strict rules.

The two were on a safari courtesy of Expedition Safari’s and we couldn’t help but admire how sexy they look off the screen.

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Speaking about her career choice in an interview with Willis Raburu on Day Break, Jemimah said she took six months before informing her family she had quit her job.

My father is very comical, he is so funny but when I quit accounts to do comedy I did not tell them.

I stayed for six months before telling them that I had quit.

Aunty Jemimah

Today my father introduces me to every one as ‘Jemimah, the one who makes people laugh.’

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Check out their photos below

Aunty Jemimah

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