willy paul
Willy Paul and Harmonize

Willy Paul and Harmonize are not in good terms. The Tanzanian guy might be going back on a contractual agreement. Ask how?

Willy Paul featured the WCB artiste on his song Pili Pili. A week later the song has managed to get 400,000 views on Youtube. Yes, Willy Paul has been doing all the promoting of the song.

Harmonize on the other hand seems to have simply ‘dumped’ the song on his Youtube Channel and concentrated on promoting his song with Diamond. By now, Harmonize’s songs have always had over a million views.

Harmonize and Diamond’s song was released two days ago and now has over 2 million views. This means Harmonize did nothing to promote his collabo with Willy Paul.

The Tiga Wana hitmaker has spoken out. Talking exclusively to Mpasho.co.ke, the singer is saddened by the lack of support he got from the Tanzanian singer. I can imagine all the money Pozze invested.

“We should be fair. The way we push our music here, they should also push our music. We are brothers. I feel like they have to play their part.If we are brothers, lets be real brother. Hakuna kitu naeza mwambia anajua vile tulikua tume-agree.”

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

A previous screenshot, however, shows Willy Paul ranting about how Harmonize never gave the Pili Pili song space to reach the audience before releasing another song.

Willy Paul

‘Remember tomorrow is not guaranteed,’ screams Willy Paul calling out Harmonize

Here’s the conversation Mpasho had with the singer: