There have been a lot of malicious statement s and false reports floating around about Bamba TV decoders and now it is time to separate chaff from wheat. It is time for the truth. And to that end, I have a statement from the Bamba TV General Manager Danny Mucira  for you to read so you are fully informed.


It has come to our attention that there have been cases where BAMBA CA1 decoders has been blow up on switch on.
Following some customer complaints we undertook a technical investigation. Our investigations revealed that in all cases consumers had powered up the BAMBA CA1 decoders using their own 12V power adapters that they had from other set top boxes that they had purchased from other vendors.
We would like to state that your BAMBA CA-1 decoder uses a new low voltage 5-Volt power circuitry. DO NOT THEREFORE USE AN UNAUTHORIZED 12-VOLT POWER ADAPTOR on the BAMBA TV Decoder.
Using an unauthorized 12V adaptor will blow up the decoder and burn the decoder’s motherboard voiding your warranty.
As a measure to enable our customers continue enjoying a free service we have taken the extraordinary step of providing a free replacement decoder Please contact BAMBA Customer Service to get a brand new decoder replacement if you have blown your decoder.
We are appealing to all BAMBA TV Subscribers and the public to ensure that they use only the 5 volt power adaptor supplied with the decoder to avoid this inconvinience.  The DC power input on the BAMBA TV decoder where the power adaptor pin plugs in has been clearly marked as a 5 Volt input. The new super low power 5-volt decoder saves you power bills.  PLEASE DO NOT USE AN UNATHORIZED POWER ADAPTER on your BAMBA TV decoder.

The new advanced slim line BAMBA TV decoder, comes with amazing features only available on high-end decoders such as TIMESHIFT, PVR and MEDIAPLAY functions, when you plug an authorized flash disk or hard disk into the decoder.
The TIMESHIFT function allows you to pause LIVE TV and REWIND LIVE TV. You can pause the news, as it is being transmitted live, pop into the kitchen for a drink, come back and continue watching the news. In addition, our PVR function allows you to set the decoder to record any show while you are away from away from home.  The decoder, also has an advance MEDIA PLAYER that allows you to playback your favourite movies or music directly on your TV. With the new decoder you can forget about your old DVD player.
At Bamba TV, we remain committed to ensuring that you get the best family viewing experience in your home through the provision of the best channels and the best in the world for free.
Stop paying for TV, get BAMBA TV and enjoy 60+ world class and local channels on your decoder.
General Manager
Danny Mucira