It is not a new thing anymore that men have been seen rocking their studs.

There are so many misconceptions on why men among them celebrities have pierced their bodies, most especially ears, and noses. But then, it becomes too much when a man tries to do the same to his belly button.

Without further ado, let’s get to why men do this.

To display wealth

My observation tells me that most men wear quality studs. I don’t mean women don’t, but most men wear diamond or golden studs to let the world know they’re wealthy.

I also don’t mean they brag too much about it but it seems like they keep them as a safe investment they can bank on during hard times. This must be a brave strategy!

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Now, this is debatable. Most men think that their piercing is an attraction to women. Well, maybe some women find this attractive but this may not be guaranteed.  NB; Not all men look attractive with piercings!

Trendy And Fashionable

Talking exclusively to radio presenter Shaffie Weru, he revealed that at the time, he pierced his ears because it was the trend.

Almost all celebrities are doing it nowadays, Jaguar, Bahati, Willy Paul, Mr.Seed, Prezzo and did I mention the politicians?

Hassan Joho, Mike Sonko, Babu Owino and the former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga which almost got him into trouble with Kenyans.

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To Rebel

A lot of men want to stand out. By piercing, many think they would pull away from the norm. I mean, this would separate them from the masses.

Attract Attention

Many have said that homosexuals wear studs. However, this might not be the case and prove to be a misconception.

Almost half of the men in the world would be gay.

That said, most men especially who wear dramatic earings and big studs do so to call for attention from people.