Risper -Faith socialite

Socialite Risper Faith has responded to rumors going round she’s heavily pregnant with a second child.

The mother of one, who gave birth late last year shared a photo sitting down with her stomach protruding in a brown dress.

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Many were quick to congratulate her thinking she was pregnant with her second child. While others trolled her.

Risper Faith
Bloated Risper Faith

Reactions included;

mourinenyaks You are preg number2 love💕💕💕💕💕💕

laviejames Congratulations baby no.2 is a good idea so that number one can get a playmate

aisha___swab nahesabu miezi since ile post ulikua unasema your friend she’s prego na mtoi ako 3months .u was asking if atoe or akeep.am counting very good sijasahau

suzzie.actress Kumbe Ulikua serious na the pregnancy post

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hanny_daniels You owe no one a flat tummy but if Brayo is doing overtime on you then congrats girl nyanduse apate playmate

maryamlove If your pregnant again 💁 am telling you it’s the smile you keep throwing at your hubby kila saaa😁, nakama ni kitambi tuko pamoja embrace it mama😂

selinahabida Please reduce on your tummy

kathy_kaburu Congratulations Risper, I wish I had a good life like your’s aki. I was ur fun in Nairobi dairies

miss_pretty_wangari Is that baby number two 🤰

tanitamarywambui I remember myself in this position BT let me tell you its the best decision coz watakua kama twins then unajua umefunga hiyo chapter,, congrats dear

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mac_obeth Congratulations 🎊 🎈🎉🍾 the same thing happened to me ooh my daughter was only 6 months old when I got pregnant 🤰 am happy for you maliza uwaleaa

Responding to her fans after speculating that she was pregnant, Risper said she was bloated on the day she took the photo and even sought medical assistance.

Calm down people am not preggers I happened to have eaten some Indian food and I got bloated. I couldn’t even pass gas I ended up going to the hospital and for now, am okay in the name of trying new food.

Risper Faith