Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu has been sentenced to seven days in prison while awaiting a courts decision on her bail application.

Diamond Platnumz’ ex-lover Wema Sepetu was sentenced yesterday by a Tanzanian court. This is after she skipped two court sessions, among them the hearing of a case where she is facing charges of being found in possession of 1.80 grams of marijuana.

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The former Miss Tanzania was charged with breaching her bail hearing terms on June 17.

Wema Sepetu

The Magistrate, Maria Kasonde ordered Wema Sepetu to be put in custody for seven days until her next bail hearing which will be June 24.

She said,

The case will be heard again on June 24 this year, therefore the accused should be locked up until that date.

Last year in November, Wema Sepetu was arrested and charged after her nude photos and videos leaked online.

Wema’s fans have reacted to the Magistrate’s decision and below are the comments,

wemasapetu Sipati picha uko sero analalaje jaman😭😭😭😭😭

wanjohi_88 Imebaki hamisa n that Tarzan no sin goes unpunished…. y’all think it’s okay to break peoples homes and to bully them when they haven’t done anything to you…. just wait…. karma is working

d_rosakalo Pole Wema! Yataisha hayo, vumilia😒

simuzamezani Wema is a victim of a political bully

sharzlizzy So where is the man in this case 🤔🤨or was it a self kiss

hapixlucas Mbona kuna pornstars hapa bongo tumeona na video zao na hawajafanywa ktu?? kwa kosa gan? only kissing?? tell me nah!😭

_trendy_rendy Jamani they are now frustrating this lady

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mapishi_yetu Allah ampe subira na family yake. Yote ni mitihani. Baada ya dhiki huja faraja.😭😭😭

naywand Akirudi atapata akili