David Ochieng, who was planning to kill many during the Nasa demos

Last week social media was abuzz after a Facebook user by the name Aalico Ohodha – real name David Ochieng – posed with a gun threatening to kill many people during the NASA demonstrations.

“Tomorrow will be the beginning of the end of my days on this planet… so I pray to God that should I go down tomorrow during the demonstration I will have to take as many dogs as I can with me,” he wrote.

Check out the screenshot

This photo ignited mixed reactions among Kenyans who called upon the government to arrest David Ochieng before it was too late.

Yesterday, the 31-year-old was arrested in Githurai estate, Nairobi and he was arraigned in court but the police asked the court to allow them to detain him for 15 days to do more investigations before they can charge him.

Here is the message from the police


Three rounds of 9mm ammunition were recovered at  Ochieng’s home.

Here are the photos

David Ochieng


David Ochieng