Kenyans are baying for the blood of rogue tout/ makanga Felix Mwingirwa’s blood after he assaulted a passenger for refusing to board ‘his’ matatu.

Felix Mwingirwa

BURE KABISA!! Watch this SHAMELESS “Makanga” Beating Up A Female Passenger (VIDEO)

According to a story that has gone viral, Felix Mwingirwa, a staff at UNIQUE Shuttle Sacco at Tearoom, Nairobi, persuaded the passenger to board his matatu but he opted to get another one angering the rogue makanga.

Felix Mwingirwa


Felix who is said to be an untouchable tout at the downtown terminus, beat the passenger leaving him for dead and Kenyans are demanding for justice for the passenger.

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Toughest city cop Hessy wa Dandora has come out to warn Felix Mwingirwa and other ill-mannered touts who assault passengers.

“He’s behind the bars.  this guy is a threat to human life: the guy has three(3) similar cases pending in court. In my view, such elements should be denied some rights, like a right to be bonded. but since the law speaks louder than our words, we will have to respect it. Lakini watu wa #TeaRoom stage, wajue hatutaruhusu huyu jamaa kufanya kazi hapo tena! We cant entertain such elements in our society!!” he posted on Facebook.

Hessy’s sentiments have been echoed by many and here are some of the comments from social media

Martin Ndigùitha Wakibe: Looks can be deceiving

Bhazhenga Demwas: Ungeacha arudi kisha 2mnyemelee apatane na team building

Mark Eseme Simon: #Hessy hapo umeongea point kama kuna pub hapo karibu na ww itisha chupa mbili kwa Bill yangu

Maina Ireri Ericko: He should have been shot at city square for a public auction…..i hate men feeling superior as if they have four balls while others have two🤒

Geoff Ben: Na iwe funzo kwa wale wanaowania kufanya hivo plus those at Machakos country bus pia

Rachel Njoki: Huyu angepeanwa kwa raia apewe dawa yake. If you treat people like animals, you deserve the same treatment.

Sir-Tafari Bennitez: Perfect job Hesy. This guy nimeona cry out sana social media about how he is untouchable en I thought untouchable na uko area wee ndio Panadol ya ma-untouchable…but what this guy did ndani haingemfaa…6ft under that’s where anabelong how dare you do such to an innocent Kenyan… utajua hujui wewe “Hesy all eyes on you”

Here are more photos of Felix Mwingirwa, the tout from hell. Go through:


Felix Mwingirwa


Felix Mwingirwa


Felix Mwingirwa

Felix Mwingirwa


Felix Mwingirwa